The advantages of Tensairity:

 basic principle tensairity solutions

Tensairity is a novel light weight structural concept. The main idea is to combine the lightness and simplicity of an airbeam with the load bearing capacity of a truss structure. The first developed Tensairity structure has the shape of a cylindrical beam, where the inflated hull is reinforced with a strut and two cables. The cables are spiralled around the hull and connected at both ends with the strut. The air-pressure in the hull pretensions the cables and stabilizes the strut against buckling enabling an optimal use of the materials in the beam. Tensairity structures combine minimal weight with a very high load bearing capacity. They do have a compact transport volume and can be fast and easy deployed. Ideal applications of the Tensairity technology are temporary structures such as tents and paddocks, permanent and temporary bridges as well as medium to wide span roof structures.

 Tensairity stability and comparison

Above two diagram are displayed to compare the behaviour of the Tensairity beam with the one of a standard truss beam. As shown, the behaviour is very similar but Tensairity substitute the vertical struts with the airbeam.

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Tensairity is perfect for modern temporary roofs.

Hospitality – Ducati SBK

Motorsport · Temporary

The hospitality from the future

The smart roof consist of 5 Tensairity beams which spans 12 m covering the are between two semi-trailer. The beams are transported assembled (total length 12.95) at the top of the roof of the semi trailer. LED lighting system is integrated in the beam enlightening both the beam and the area below.


Workshop – JAS Honda Racing Team

Motorsport · Temporary

Small and Smart

The Roof of the hospitality for the Honda Racing Team – JAS consists of 5 Tensairity beams which spans the area between two semi-trailers. The span of the roof is designed to be adaptable: it goes from a minimum of 2.5m up to a maximum of 5 m. Beams include the lighting systems which lights up either the beams themselves and the space underneath them.


Hospitality – Audi tron

Motorsport · Temporary

Versatile hospitality

The smart roof consist of 3 Tensairity beams which span 12 meters covering the area between two containers. Roof is assembled in 4 hours and when dismantled (longest element 6 mt) it fits in one of the two containers. System is designed to be adaptive. According to the external loads (wind, snow) structure increase its rigidity according to the overpressure of the inflatable hulls. Beams of the roof can be enlightened according to client requirements


Hospitality tensairity for rent

events · Temporary

Tensairity structure for rent

An hospitality based on Tensairity roof has been designed and produced to break through the rental market. The structure consists of a 12m span roof which lays on demountable boxes which are covered by textile walls. The structure cover an area of approximately 150 mq. Setting up time is approximately 6 hours, 6 people. RGB lighting system is remotely controlled by an app based on Bluetooth technology. The blower and the pressure in the beams is controlled remotely thanks to a white box developed at Maco based on 3G mobile connection. Though the software, pressure can be checked and modified from any computer or mobile with an internet connection.


Car exhibition – Porsche

events · Temporary

Ideal for exhibitions and temporary shops

The hospitality for rent became ideal for exhibition of sport cars. The LED lighting system is ideal to attract people.

Impressions – Tensairity hospitality

events · Temporary

A new page in the history of structures for events

Here some impressions about Tensairity hospitality. Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us.

  • An innovative product, different from any other shelter on the market and outstanding from the aesthetic point of view.

    Luca Delsanto - Hospitality manager- Ducati Superbike

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