Imperiale Racing – Lamborghini

For the team running the Italian GT Imperial Lamborghini championship, the latest development of the 12 m Hospitality Tensairity was built. The system, based on previous creations, has been optimized thanks to the choice of materials of nautical origin for the inflatable parts and polycarbonate sheets for the construction of the front facade.

The assembly, thanks to an increased air system and the optimization of the number of screws and hooks, does not exceed 8 hours from when the two vehicles are parked. This time includes: assembly of the cover (which inflates in about 11 minutes), assembly of the front facade in polycarbonate panels and sliding doors, assembly of the rear panel in sheet, assembly of the trims, flaps and fifth wheel cover, installation of the lighting and air conditioning system, rolling up the floor.

Given the long series of successful installations of this type, we are even more confident in recommending this system to all teams living in the world of mothorsport, which makes the construction of a real temporary building easy, fast and safe.