New Ducati Sbk hospitality for the 2019 season

Five years after the first Maco Technology hospitality, here is the complete restayling of the Tensairity model that connects 2 semi-trailers and which marked the beginning of a new generation of light and easy-to-assemble covers. The original structure, dated 2014, can be found at this link

Although the shape has remained that of the original project, the restyling has provided:

the replacement of the beams with the airtight system thanks to the neoprene membrane. Now the blower almost never intervenes during the week in which the structure remains assembled;
the total refurbishment of the façade in polycarbonate panels and entrance totem in aluminum panels the system is now run-in and consists of a system of pillars, crosspieces and frames all in aluminum with interlocking assembly, without the use of any screws;
the remaking of the cover sheets, with a blackout and reflective fabric to improve internal thermal comfort.
As per the original design, all the beams are transported in the 250 mm deep tank set up on a semi-trailer. The inflation system, integrated into the semitrailer, allows the inflation of all the beams in about 15 minutes. The complete roof is installed by 4 people in less than 3 hours.