The climate change we have been experiencing in the last twenty years has brought with it an increase in dramatic and violent episodes such as floods and landslides that have the immediate impact of the destruction of roads and bridges in coastal and mountain areas. It therefore becomes of vital importance for civil protection, military and paramilitary bodies such as firefighters or rescuers in general, to equip themselves with technologies capable of making up for the lack of a road or a bridge, to reach in a very short time, remaining places isolated.

It is in this context that Tensairity technology finds its best application. In fact, Tensairity technology allows the construction of extremely light load-bearing beams when compared to beams of the same size and with the same load capacity. In addition, thanks to the contribution of air, the bearing beams of the bridge can be deflated and occupy a small volume, which is crucial precisely in the storage and transport phases in cases of emergency.