Our Spanish partner PSTech, licensee of our patents on Tensairity technology, has launched the latest product in the field of temporary bridges for the emergency / military sector. The bridge is the result of nearly 9 months of research and development. It is the strongest and lightest temporary bridge ever produced with Tensairity technology. The structure covers a span of 16 meters and is built through 3 beams placed side by side. The compression elements are made of aluminum, as is the deck, in order to ensure maximum lightness and durability, even after several assembly and disassembly cycles.

This first bridge is intended for the Japanese market through an agreement with a large local construction company that purchased the product with the aim of applying it in various emergency situations.

But let’s look at the numbers of the newly built bridge in more detail.

The bridge is classified MLC30 and comparing it to similar temporary bridges on the market it weighs in total only 5000 kg against the 50,000 kg of its competitors.

The transport volume, however, is the most impressive feature: it can be stowed in 1 container of 13 meters (35 m3) and therefore can be transported by 1 semi-trailer. Similar structures need about 10 times the volume of the Tensairity bridge.

As for the assembly time, the bridge can be assembled in 12 people in 3 hours. The comparison with traditional products is pitiless: 40 people are needed for about 30 hours.

Given the interest for this technology that can be used in cases of extreme emergency and necessity (earthquakes, humanitarian disasters) allowing rescue to reach isolated and / or people in danger, we have opened an in-depth study on the “Temporary bridges built with technology Tensairity ”in our“ Blog of tensile structures ”.