Demonstrator car bridge

bridges tensairity

Demonstrator car bridge with 8m span and 3.5 tons maximal load. Airlight Ltd and Prospective Concepts, 2002.

Tensairity disassembled

Dismantled Tensairity beam of the 8 m span bridge. The compression element on the right is the only bending stiff element, which can be divided even in short pieces if very compact transport in a box is needed.



Roof over parking garage

tensairity permanent roof montreux 02

Tensairity roof structure with up to 28 m span for a parking garage in Montreux, Switzerland. Luscher Architectes SA & Airlight Ltd, 2004.



Advertisement pillar

tensairity totem

Tensairity mobile advertisement pillar with 20 m height. Airlight Ltd, 2004.



Exhibition stand

bentley tensairity stand 2

Exhibition stand with Tensairity elements for Bentley. Breitling SA & Airlight Ltd, 2004.



Skiers bridge

tensairity longest bridge France 02

Tensairity bridge with 52 m span in Lanslevillard, France. Skiers drive over the bridge during the snow sport season. Charpente Concept SA, Barbeyer Architect & Airlight Ltd., 2005.




Canopy tensairity

Tensairity canopy in Pieterlen, Switzerland. Airlight Ltd, 2005.



Planar roof

Tensairty Roof germany

Tensairity roof for an energy station in Rohrbach, Germany. Architekturbüro Jaschek & Airlight Ltd, 2005.



Demonstration bridge

Demonstrator bridge tensairity

Tensairity demonstration bridge for a German TV show. The two girders can be transported in the trunk of the small car. The bridge is set up by two persons in 30 minutes. Each girder weights less than 70 kg. Empa, 2007.



Retractable roof

tensairity moveable roof observatory 02

Tensairity telescope enclosure with 12 m diameter ,Tenerife, Spain. The roof open and closes solely due to a change of the airpressure. Airlight Ltd, 2008.



Demonstration footbridge

Pedestrian Footbridge Tensairity

Student project for a Tensairity foot bridge. ETH & Empa, 2008.



Roof for tenns court

tensairity temporary roof london 02

Tensairity roof with 38 m span, National Tennis Center, London. Airlight, 2010.